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I am sure this would have taken me less than the allotted two months if I hadn't become disgusted with some of the sentences and rewritten them, thus necessitating the rewriting of OTHER sentences that were basically about the same thing.

Speshful thanks to momo for her speshful help.

Fandom: The Iliad
Themeset: One
Rating: Hard R for language, warfare-related violence.
Warnings: Long, poorly-written, obsessive revisiting of some scenes over and over again. Also, language and warfare-related violence, for those who are offended by that.

Klikkit.Collapse )

I'm going to rest from my labors for a week or so and concentrate on some other projects before picking up a new one.
AAAAAAAAARGH THIS PIECE SUCKS. I may need to retool (uh huh huh, "tool") it when I have some time. Anyway: implied man-on-man s3xx0rz, Shirôzaemon x Yukichi, mild submission. Have fun.

Le mot du jour was "heightened".

HeightenedCollapse )
Behold! I return!

...I bring you a badly written personal reflection, which is mostly me barfing out things in order to fit with the word and get my image across, but which still sucks. Word of the day was "finals".

More suckitude is in the offing, unless you eat your vegetables and behave.

Dead WeekCollapse )
Whee, an update! Hurrah!

daily15, again, though I promise I am working on some longer fic. (That isn't done yet, so you can't see it.) Word of the day was "humble". Anna, and some swearing.

ReunionCollapse )

Next up: no doubt more of the same. XD
This piece really needs some work; it feels rushed, because I was in a hurry to get down everything I wanted to before the timer buzzed. I'm not really happy with it, but I suppose it's better than nothing. Anyway. Yukichi, aged 14 or 15. Big trouble brewing. Word of the day was "hide".

More in Wang Xi-feng's Interminable Parade of Fictitious SamuraiCollapse )
This is my father.

Eat your vegetables or you'll die of scurvy. Or rickets. Or both.Collapse )
Moving right along now, until I get caught up. Anna, original. Le mot du jour was "wound". Warfare-related violence, some gore, description of mutilation. I actually did like 15 seconds' of Wikipedia research on this one. :D

This one is speshully for dethorats, who once expressed the desire to know what happened to Anna's hand.

This Mortal CoilCollapse )
I will get caught up, damn it. It will happen. Anyway: Trojan War, gen, nonsexual partial nudity, word was "reveal".

ReveilleCollapse )
Tralalala. Word of the day was "alert". OMG DEATH U GUYZ.

Here you goCollapse )
I kind of like that they're being slow with the words right now, 'cause it gives me more time to catch up. :D Anyway, this sucks (though I did write about the image I wanted to convey, so it succeeds as communication if not as art) and will probably only make sense to uigenna (and possibly not even to Raien).

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